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Offset Printing

Offset Printing

The main advantage of offset printing is high quality printing. Printing with this method ensures high quality. on any types of paper and cardboard, accurate reproduction of small details, excellent transfer of half tones and shades.

In the process of offset printing method, ink is transferred by pressure from a flexible printing plate to a flexible one. rubber sheet, and then on any material that is intended for printing.

Another important advantage of offset printing is the possibility use of any types of paper: newsprint, offset, designer types, cardboard. The design of equipment for offset printing is quite complicated, so the cost of such a machine is high.

We suggest you to carry out the printing printing in Kiev at affordable prices. Any types of high quality printing in the shortest possible time.

Preparation before offset printing is quite long and laborious, but the printing process itself does not take much time. Note that printing a small edition of the offset method is not profitable. However, if the volume is increased to a certain number of prints, then the cost of one copy will be significantly less. The cost of offset printing depends on the circulation, the more, the cheaper.


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