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UV printing

UV printing

The peculiarity of UV printing is the use of special inks, cured under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The ink deposited on the material by the method of inkjet printing, form a film, which is then firmly fixed on the base.

UV ink transmits bright and vivid colors when printing and allows you to apply photographic quality images to any kind of materials. We offer printing on materials of any geometric shape of the perimeter, material thickness up to 100 mm. A feature of UV printing is also the ability to print in white. Making plates, tags, plastic and metal badges with a full-color image, printing on glass and ceramics, sealing textured materials, printing on pens, printing on uneven surfaces with a height difference of up to 1 mm without loss of quality is only part of our capabilities. Lack of prepress preparation (film output, making cliches, etc.) favorably distinguishes UV printing technology from traditional methods of applying an image, such as screen printing, pad printing, and make UV printing technology indispensable for ying urgent work on drawing the image. both large and small editions.


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